A Kinder Way to Heal Yourself – Examples and Tips

Most common everyday examples include:

• Migraine – Get Things under Control with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is often the end of the line for those who’ve tried everything else for their migraines. Treatment is simplicity itself and totally bespoke. After a health check, the therapist inserts needles where they’re needed. Migraine is no specifically treated but rather the whole person. In Chinese medicine it indicates a liver imbalance, and if it’s been going on then it will have affected the blood quality so needles could be placed anywhere – feet, arms, back and legs. Acupuncture isn’t a cure – it’s an ongoing treatment, but used regularly over time it lessens the intensity and frequency of attacks.

• Back Pain – Bowen Technique Revival

When you are in pain, for whatever reason, even the taught of a deep massage may be something that you will think twice. Enter Bowen Technique. It’s a different kind of massage and is something worth trying. Many experts claim that it is a not massage at all. It’s soft tissue therapy, which is gentle, but equally penetrating on your muscles, tendons and nerves.
Pain usually occurs where there’s inflammation, so treatment consists of series of gentle movements on the spine and other targeted areas of your body. Bowen is unique and is known to be fast acting with proven results after first treatment.

• Blood Pressure – Lower it With Herbs

Often people arrive at a medical herbalist because they’ve had side effects from their medication or haven’t yet found one that suits them. In general, hypertension is difficult to treat until you identify the underlying cause.

It is essential to find out how long you’ve had high blood pressure so herbalist can work out a plan of action, but also, it is unwise to ditch your medication overnight. Generally, a medical herbalist will look at dietary changes – cutting out caffeine and salt – and prescribe some herbs in tincture form. Mix usually consists from: Hawthorn (supportive of coronary system), Motherworth (a heart tonic) and lime flower (good for blood pressure).

You shouldn’t treat raised blood pressure yourself and a qualified medical herbalist could bring welcoming change. Saying that, herbs are effective but not fast fix. And progress should be monitored regularly.

• Bloating – Subtle Naturopathy Approach

Cramps, gas and waistband that’s fit to bust – sound familiar? Seeing a Naturopath who’ll combine a triple whammy of diet plus herbs and supplements could be the answer. It is usually down to diet; too mush wheat, dairy and sugar which plays significant role in damaging gut’s defensive layer, allowing yeast and candida to come rushing in and giving bad bacteria a home to grow. Naturopathy treatment is always diet focused where caffeine, sugar wheat, dairy and alcohol is cut out. Pro-biotics, tonics and vitamins are prescribed (depending on the circumstances) and this combined regime usually lasts 4 weeks.

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Alan_C_Jones

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