Baby Colic

Your newborn children starts crying nearly every day at the same time for what seems like hours. But this is no run of the mill whining session: His face is tense, his tiny fists are clenched, you may have even detected a slight bulge in his belly. What is worse, the howls have been going on for so long that you have started doing some hooting yourself. Most doctors say that fuss is caused by gas and air trapped in the infant’s immature digestive system play a role. Here are some common ways to calm a crying baby and cure colic:


Pour about two ounces into a baby bottle and swishing it around until the fizz go way. Ginger also can coax gas from a colicky baby, just as it does in adults, but be careful how much you give an infant.


Some people taking their children on a drive in the car after an colic attack and within a half hour, the child’s better. I have also heard people say that white noise from television just setting them on a channel that is full of static will work. I even know a obstetrician who had record made of the flow of blood through the vessel of the uterus that he had play for the baby. And this blood flow, this soothing noise, this swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, would calm the baby down. Repetitive noise and movement, for whatever reason, should be helpful.

Fennel tea

Fennel tea in particular is a favorite colic remedy in Germany. They have been using it over there for years. Fennel not only helps expel gas but also has been found to have a calming effect.


Peppermint is another cure for treating colic. While peppermint will perform its belly soothing magic on infants, be cautions because some infants will gag on the peppermint menthol. That doesn’t mean to avoid it at all costs, but it means of it doesn’t work, try something else.

Hot water

Fill up a bottle with hot water and lay it either on the child’s stomach or back. It will soothe and warmth the baby in just a few minutes. While warmth will soothe a colic baby, it is recommended that warmth come s from mother. You could burn the baby with a hot water bottle. But when you nurse the baby or hold the child close to you, the warmth of your stomach and the rest of your body does the same thing as hot water bottle.

Corn syrup

Putting corn syrup on a baby’s pacifier may seem like an odd treatment for colic but this remedy works so well at quieting some colicky babies.

More burp

If you can get the baby to burp, that seems to solve the problem. You can rub their tummy, you can walk them any of those things will get them to burp. Although burping a baby seems to drive air out of its stomach rather than its intestine,it might just help. More important, it may be preventing air from getting into the digestive system in the first place. Breast fed babies, for example, seem to get less air into their system than those who are bottle fed.

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